David Booker sculptor

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Chianciano Vecchia or Paese, as is called the ancient town of Chianciano is a magic place. Its aspect is very different from the modern quarter that has grown all around the Terme. It is situated on a hill and shows part of its medieval town walls and its ancient urban plan. The gate of the town is at the end of Via Dante, where stands Porta Rivellini with its elegant Renaissance structure. Soon after the arch at the end of Via Casini stands out the elegant and simple Bell Tower.

From the Bell Tower you get to Piazza Matteotti, in the middle a beautiful hexagonal marble fountain (18th century) placed on a hexagonal flight of steps. Going towards Piazza Matteotti you get to Via Solferino and then to Piazzolina dei Soldati, where there is Palazzo De Vegni, built between the XVIII and XIX century is owned by the town now and used for interesting exibitions and cultural events.


In this cozy square I found a sense of stillness and quietness. My favorite subjects are boxes, cartons and dismissed motor engine mechanical parts.


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